Is Honeymoon really a tradition?

Honeymoon, a word strikes our mind and compel everyone’s to think what really it is. Is this really a tradition or people started celebrating their initial days of marriage just to stay out of everything for few days. There is a history behind this. The word honeymoon originated from a English word “Hony Moone” before 1546. These two unique words represents their own meaning which truly describe the word Honeymoon. Word Hony indicates honey that shows the eagerness and fondness practised by newly wed couple.And Moone reflects the momentary time whose every single moment would stay forever. That’s how the honeymoon originated and let the newly wed to share some special and unspoken moments to establish the understanding and love in their relationship. The tradition of spending holidays just after marriage is popular now all over world.The craze of celebrating honeymoon is now become a viral. Couple dont even wait for the marriage to plan their honeymoon. They start planning their honeymoon trip as their marriage date announced. They start looking for the most beautiful,most alluring and romantic destination and scratch their head in google who serves thousands of options for one single query.

There are millions of Honeymoon Packages sites which offers plenty of top honeymoon destinations within India like Kerala,Nainital,Manali,Shimla,Ooty,Andaman Nicobar etc but there are many couples who wants to relish the most precious moments of love and romance outside India with minimum budget.Because before planning for any trip there is always a destination and budget issue.People look for the best place which includes everything and the charges would be minimal.

Indian Honeymoon Packages , a site which fulfills the dream of every couple because it serves plenty of best honeymoon destinations which also includes Maldives,Mauritius,Singapore,Bali,Phuket,Bangkok etc. These honeymoon destinations are available at very low rates which includes always more than any other site offers you. Its services includes Pick up and drop,sightseeing,candle light dinner,flower bed decoration,Badam Milk etc.The list doesnt stop here. Make the golden memories.



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